Werewoolf Miniatures Summon The Undead Legions

February 28, 2014 by brennon

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Werewoolf Miniatures summon the dead and bring forth the Roman Legions from beyond the River Styx. These Shambling Legionaries are ready to conquer the Roman Empire once again...

Undead Legion Command

Undead Legion

I must admit that before I'd seen these models I hadn't heard of this company but I am now pleasantly surprised by them. The sculpts are pretty well detailed from what we can see and they seem to have taken some inspiration from Eternal Darkness in the design of these fallen Romans.

I love the idea of doing a big force of these shambling soldiers as an alternative historical army. You could even use these as your heroes and such instead maybe and paint the rest in a spectral way.

Maybe this is what happened to the IX Legion when they were reborn from their deadly ambush?

What do you think?

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