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West Wind Preview New Project Featuring Roman Dwarves!


West Wind Productions are looking ahead to a new 28mm project. Over on Facebook, they tweaked their banner to show off these new Roman Dwarves.

Forged In Battle Preview More Dark Age Norsemen In 15mm


Forged In Battle has been showing off some more of the Dark Age warriors and terrain which will be coming later this year.

Forged In Battle Tease Upcoming 15mm War & Empire Dark Age Vikings


Forged In Battle are getting ready to release their 15mm War & Empire III Dark Age range in 2019 and this week gave us another teaser of what we can expect.

Forged In Battle Brings A Experimental Tank To 15mm Wargaming


The folks at Forged In Battle have been tinkering away on a new tank and the B-97 Tortoise Heavy Assault Tank is now ready to hit the tabletop in 15mm. 

Westwind Productions Preview Their Sneaky King Rat!


Westwind Productions has previewed a very sneaky new miniature coming your way, the King Rat. You'll find him appearing soon for your Steampunk games of Empire Of The Dead.

Forged In Battle Preview 15mm Motte & Bailey Castle


Forged In Battle were able to fund this awesome 15mm Motte & Bailey Castle during one of their recent Kickstarter projects and now it has been finished, ready to be sent off to be produced in resin. 

Forged In Battle Arm The US & Soviets With New 15mm Vehicles


The Forged In Battle team has a few new releases for this month which will help you build up your 15mm World War II forces on the tabletop.

Forged In Battle’s 15mm Dark Age Armies Planned Out


West Wind's Forged In Battle goes to Kickstarter in February with their Dark Age Armies. Well, we've seen a few more of their miniatures and also the plan for the various armies they have in development.

Dark Age Warriors Coming Soon For Forged In Battle [Updated Video]


Teased as part of their new releases and such included with the expanding War & Empires series, we saw a peek at West Wind and Forged In Battle's next focus.

West Wind Begin Panzer Mech Fulfilment & Show Off Mecha Samurai!


West Wind has now begun the fulfilment of their Panzer Mech Kickstarter but the preview shown off recently was for this rather awesome Samurai, Kyruzo Mushashi.

New Characters Shipping Out For West Wind’s Secrets Of The Third Reich


As part of their Panzer Mech Kickstarter, West Wind Productions also worked on some character models too and they've shown off the finished models for their Soviets, Americans and Germans in an update recently.

Westwind Drop Into Battle With New Weird World War Mechs


Some new Mechs have been previewed by Westwind Productions over on their Kickstarter for the Panzer Mech range.

Weekender: Roboute Guilliman Is Back! What’s Next For Warhammer 40K?


Join us for another weekend of awesomeness as we delve into news and more from the world of tabletop gaming!

West Wind’s Panzer Mech Kickstarter Launching 4th February


West Wind Productions are looking to launch their Panzer Mech Kickstarter on the 4th February 2017 bringing to life some rather epic looking walkers for Weird World War gaming.

West Wind Tease Secrets Of The Third Reich British “Bulldog” Walker


West Wind Productions showed off another big Walker for the world of Secrets Of The Third Reich. This time it's a British creation, the "Bulldog"!

More Weird World War In The New Year From West Wind!


The new year is going to bringing a series of new Weird World War release from West Wind Production for Secrets Of The Third Reich and more. Their teaser showed off the awesome Panzer Mech!

Forged In Battle Rally Saxon Warriors For 15mm War & Empire


Forged In Battle have shown off some of the new Saxons coming your way for their 15mm War & Empire range.

Shamble Around With The Flesh Golem For Secrets Of The Third Reich


West Wind Productions showed off one of their marvellous creations for the world of Secrets Of The Third Reich which could make for quite the dangerous foe in your Weird World War games...

Forged In Battle Roll Out New Platoons For The 8th Army & Afrika Corp


Forged In Battle have added some more platoons to both their 8th Army and Afrika Corp sections of their website.

Weekender XLBS: Building Army Background & Making Models Your Own


It's time to relax with some news from the Beast this week and also a big discussion building army background and making that army your own...

West Wind Send In The Droptroopers For Weird World War Incursion


West Wind are building on their Incursion range with a whole bunch of Drop Troopers coming in for the Germans. There are some rather awesome models in these sets so it could be worth picking these up for other Weird World War games too...

Weekender: Mantic Talks The Walking Dead Plus New GW Starter Sets


The Mighty Red Claw Is Coming To Secrets Of The Third Reich


While this is one awesome piece of artwork for an upcoming model in the Secrets Of The Third Reich range by West Wind we know little about him as a character! See what you think of Red Claw who is making a name for himself fighting for the British...

Secrets Of The Third Reich Visits Mr Smythe & The Templars


Now, we've seen Mr Smythe before splattered in blood and yet still looking like quite the gentleman. However, things aren't so calm and serene in our green and pleasant land and something stirs in the shadows.

Three Days Left On The War & Empire Legions Of Rome Kickstarter


West Wind Productions and Forged In Battle are closing in on the last three days for their War & Empire II Kickstarter for the Legions Of Rome.

Weekender XLBS: Building Tanks, Hobby Rooms, Warbands & Legions Of Rome


Welcome to a relaxed Sunday morning where we get stuck into a whole bunch of new miniatures that caught our attention over the week and talk Hobby Time too...

Forged In Battle Welcome The Dacian Hordes To War & Empire II


The Forged In Battle range grows with the Dacians being added to the armies available through their War & Empire II Kickstarter to bring out both the Legions of Rome and their enemies. See what you think of these previewed warriors here in 15mm...

Fight With The Legions Of Rome On New Forged In Battle Kickstarter


The Legions Of Rome are marching into Gaul and beyond with this new Kickstarter project by Forged In Battle and West Wind Productions. This historical arm of West Wind noted that everyone wanted to see Romans like they had in the movies on the tabletop and so here they are in 15mm!

Win Yourself A US Tesla Cannon With West Wind Productions


West Wind Productions have put together a competition over on Facebook where you could win yourself a US Army Tesla Cannon from Secrets Of The Third Reich simply by answering a few questions...

Mr Smythe Heralds New Secrets Of The Third Reich Supplement


West Wind have shown off the first model ahead of their Ruined Britannia supplement which will be part of the new website and Secrets Of The Third Reich soon.

The Mighty Armies Of Rome Go To War With Forged In Battle


Forged In Battle have some big plans for their Ancients range and this includes bringing the mighty forces to Rome to bear on the tabletop. With that in mind see what they had to say on the upcoming project below which will include a fundraiser on Kickstarter...

West Wind’s New Website & Forged In Battle Artillery


West Wind have shown off the look for their new website which will also feature some new download options for Secrets Of The Third Reich, Empire Of The Dead and more. It certainly looks like an improvement even from this early sneak peek...

Weekender XLBS: Are You Wiz-Ard Enough?


Is this going to be a one cup or two cup episode of The Weekender? Stick on a brew as we go through more news and talk awesome projects... Try A FREE Backstage Trial To Watch The Show

A Steampunk Machine & Something Old Fashioned For Empire Of The Dead


West Wind Productions have two new releases coming out for Empire Of The Dead in their Steampunk Machines collection. First up we have another Landship called the Disraeli which can fight alongside the Gladstone during your skirmishes on the tabletop...

New Supplement Coming Soon For Secrets Of The Third Reich


West Wind Productions have shown off a teaser for an upcoming expansion that builds on their Secrets Of The Third Reich world. Named Ruined Britannia it will be interesting to see what this adds to the already rich weird world they have at their disposal...

West Wind Get HMLS Gladstone Ready For Battle


West Wind Productions have shown off another of their crazy steampunk contraptions with HMLS Gladstone that, you guessed it, takes to land in order to blast things to pieces. Empire Of The Dead just got a big more 'boomier'. Is that a word?

Empire Of The Dead Spits Lead With New Gatling Gun


West Wind Production have added another contraption to the world of Empire of the Dead. This time they've gone heavy duty with the Penny Gatling Gun which will be rattling out shots (hopefully) all day long...

The Add Ons Appear For Secrets Of The Third Reich II On Kickstarter


West Wind Productions have shown off some of the Add Ons for Secrets of the Third Reich II on Kickstarter that include German Zombies, Cerberus and a Soviet Mech that will be stomping around the battlefield...

Secrets Of The Third Reich II Weird World War Kickstarter Begins!


Secrets Of The Third Reich is now live on Kickstarter looking to fund a new edition Rulebook and Armybook alongside some fancy new walkers for the game! Weird World War takes over once again...

Ash Sets Secrets of the Third Reich Ablaze


The latest concept piece for Secrets of the Third Reich's upcoming Kickstarter has appeared, showing off a new take on the pyrokinetic Ash.

West Wind Give Empire Of The Dead’s Nemo Some More Arms!


See what West Wind Productions have planned for Nemo and his crew as they take to the seas once more with Empire of the Dead Requiem. I reckon this would be an awesome miniature to paint!

West Wind, Privateer, Too Fat Lardies & More Summer Sales Up!


The summer seems to have made a few companies go a little crazy and there are a selection of sales out there. Here are just some of them and if there are any more out there feel free to drop them into the comments below!

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