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New West Wind Empire Of The Dead Warbands Summoned!


See what you think of some of the new warbands making their way into Empire of the Dead from West Wind Productions.

West Wind: Empire Of The Dead Explored


Warren sits down for another chat with Andy Cooper of West Wind. This time he's set his sights on what's been happening with the mysterious world of Empire of the Dead. Get a feel for how the world works, who the factions are and uncover great secrets of The Empire.

The Secrets of Making A Miniatures Mold


Warren continues his quest to discover the secret workings of where all our lovely minis come from. So today he's popped over to the West Wind studios for a chat about how you go about making a mold for minis and the process of how their made.

Closing In On Final Hours Of War & Empire Kickstarter


See what you think of the War & Empire Kickstarter that has now unlocked ALL of it's different armies and is heading towards it's final hours.

War & Empire Kickstarter Chat


Warren has popped over to the West Wind studio to have a chat about their new War & Empire game that is currently on Kickstarter.

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