MERCS Minis: 7th Heaven!

October 2, 2013 by dignity

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Justin and Lucas are back in the studio with more from MERCS Minis. Today they are breaking out the 7th miniature for the games factions. Here's a little rundown on what the guys had a look at:

Sefadu: Heavy (A nasty big guy built to dish out the pain and help his own troops)

USCR: Gunner (Falling in line with all the USCR this is one big heavy dude that your opponents will have a tough time clearing off the table)

Kemvar: Shock Trooper (Sneaky and hard hitting this miniature will be a must-have simply for the comedy value of bouncing your opponents miniatures about the table and in to line of sight of your sniper. Or you could just blast them off rooftops if that takes your fancy!)

Kezi Waza: Spy (A close combat specialist whose training will leave your enemies as little piles of sushi!)

CCC: Breacher (A great miniature for making a path to your objectives. He also gets really angry when one of your guys goes down in a fight)

ISS: Demolition (Looks like the ISS have picked up a baseball pitcher and handed out some EMP grenades. This one is going to cause problems for all those big heavily armored guys out there. No Mini!!! Sorry Guys!!!)

FCC House 9: Saboteur (Well you've had a bad day at the office, your boss has just fired you, what's a man to do? Well this guy has ran off, joined the FCC, and will now be tossing Molotov cocktails at the enemy. Oh and when he's done you can always use him as cannon fodder!)

Texico: Eagle (Time for some high flying antics as the lads from Texico strap a jet pack to one of their guys and send him off into the great blue yonder. Let's hope he has the manual for it!)

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