Unboxing: Cannon Fodder 2 Females – Death Fields | Wargames Atlantic

March 27, 2023 by avernos

Gerry is taking a look at the second set of Cannon Fodder from Wargames Atlantic.  As they expand their Death Fields Sci-Fi range as the women are thrown into the meat grinder to join their male counterparts as entertainment fodder for alien masters.


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Inside the box, you'll find twenty-four figures that can be drafted into conflicts across the galaxy and a host of games. Whether you're after some soldiers for Stargrave or penal troopers to soak the shots for your guard this set of fighters will do the job. With a ton of options for weapons and look it's easy to make them the heroes or villains as required. Gerry also has a look at the Death Fields upgrade sprue and how this can be mixed in for a touch of additional flavour for your troopers.

What do you make of Wargames Atlantic's expanding range of Sci-Fi figures?

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