Guild Ball Unboxing: Farmer’s Guild

December 19, 2017 by dignity

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Today we're delving into the contents of the Farmer's Guild: The Honest Land for Guild Ball, from Steamforged Games.

Guild Ball Unboxing: Farmer's Guild

Guild Ball is Steamforge's tabletop fantasy medieval football game, and the Farmer's, which were released earlier this year, are the latest guild to join in the action.

Farmers can take on one of two roles; that of either a planter or a reaper. By planting within range of your reapers you can bestow extra boons upon your teammates that could give them the added advantage they need to score.

The set comes with 6 players: Grange, Jackstraw, Windle, Bushel, Harrow, and Peck the armoured rooster!

Have we planted the seed of temptation to give this guild a go?

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