Hordes Unboxing: Skorne Desert Hydra

January 24, 2017 by dignity

We're back with another Hordes Unboxing from Privateer Press. This time we're opening up the fearsome Desert Hydra from Skorne.

Hordes Unboxing: Skorne Desert Hydra

With five huge heads independently biting and spitting acid at its foes, the Desert Hydra is one of the most devastating warbeasts the Skorne Empire has ever captured and conditioned for war. Each head can release a focused spray of highly corrosive acid or snatch up opponents to be devoured by its gaping, hellish jaws.

With a 360 degree line of sight, you're going to have a tough time sneaking up on this big guy, some would say you'll need a Hercules to take this thing out!

Have you played with or against the Hydra?

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