Unboxing Star Wars: Legion – Droidekas

December 16, 2019 by avernos

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WHERE ARE THOSE DROIDEKAS!? Well it just so happens that Gerry has them on the table ready for an unboxing!

Unboxing Star Wars: Legion - Droidekas

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Contrary to a lot of the more recent Star Wars: Legion sets, the Droidekas are still on the sprue and look to be a rather delicate build. But once built they promise to be an exciting model to - ahem - roll out on the tabletop. at 100 points for two of them, they appear to be ideal for a skirmish force. But hopefully one day we'll see someone in a competitive wargame run nothing but Droidekas on the tabletop.

How would you like to integrate these models into your separatist force?

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