Unboxing: New Hard Plastic Reliant & Stormclad!

August 26, 2015 by dignity

We had a bit of a surprise here in the studio today when Justin and John unboxed the Reliant and Stormclad Warjacks from Cygnar in Warmachine and found out that Privateer Press had taken a HUGE step in offering up the components on a HARD PLASTIC SPRUE!

New Cygnar Warjacks

These are the Warjacks in question that are now both available to buy from your local gaming stores and online. You can read a bit more of the fluff and background on them below but the REAL gem is in the way the kit comes together.

Unboxing: New Hard Plastic Reliant & Stormclad!

"By taking the impressive bulk and chassis of the Ironclad and adding powerful voltaic weaponry, the Stormclad and Reliant were born. The Stormclad is equipped with an accumulator that draws on the galvanic energies of nearby Stormblades to augment its impressive storm-powered generator blade.

The Reliant is built for versatility, whether enveloping the enemy with crackling electrical fields from a distance using its Stormbringer or driving the opposition to its knees with pulse hammer strikes."

The Kits!

The kits that Privateer Press are now using are hard plastic sprues giving you all the various weapon options and such. No metal, no weird plastic/resin hybrid. They also come with something that many Warmachine & Hordes boxes have been missing in the past and that's a proper set of instructions!


Not bad right? We think this is a great step for Privateer Press in the right direction and we can't wait to see what other models in the range are going to be packaged like this. The quality of sculpting has gone up ten fold at Privateer Press of late too meaning, especially when you look at their Warcaster models.


What do you think of the new sprues?

"No metal, no weird plastic/resin hybrid..."

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