Two New Mechs Ready For Battle From White Dragon Miniatures

June 9, 2015 by brennon

White Dragon Miniatures are doing really well with their Marine Tactical Unit 15mm Scale Kickstarter and that means more stretch goals. The latest of these to be unlocked are the Strix Mechs with something big and brutal just around the corner...

The Strix

The first miniatures we mentioned above were The Strix Mechs which are a range of robotic soldiers built for recon missions ahead of the main force. They typically fight with their high calibre machine guns, smoke launchers, and come with an on board ECM and surveillance suite.

The Strix

You'll get two of these in a pack and they stand at around 30mm high when compared to the rest of the 15mm troopers. Slowly but surely things are getting bigger again! I think these are another great complimentary troop when stood next to the standard trooper and I would certainly rely on robots to do some important recon rather than risking human soldiers.

The Fiddler

Talking of things getting bigger White Dragon have also said that the big £10,000 stretch goal will have them bringing back The Fiddler Mech back to 15mm scale for this range. They've managed to grab the rights to bring it into the canon of the game and it certainly fits in!

The Fiddler Mech (Model)

The Fiddler Mech (Art)

It comes armed with a variety of guns on the shoulders including that rather impressive looking gatling gun. It also has arms on the front, hence the 'fiddler' moniker, allowing it to actually interact and manipulate objects on the battlefield. It has a very Metal Gear Solid feel to it.

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"The Strix Mechs are a range of robotic soldiers built for recon missions ahead of the main force..."

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