White Dragon Miniatures’ 15mm Marine Tactial Unit Kickstarter Begins!

June 1, 2015 by brennon

White Dragon Miniatures have begun their Kickstarter for the 15mm Marine Tactical Unit! The idea behind the campaign is to get some of their amazing models out there into the market with a simple and straight forward campaign...

MTU Artwork

Fire Team Go!

The first set of models for this Kickstarter are their 15mm MTU infantry which have been divided up into Fire Team Alpha, Bravo and Charlie below. Each of these sets has been exquisitely sculpted to be packed with detail and as you can see they paint up nicely too...

Fire Team Alpha

MTU Painted By Dwartist

Fire Team Bravo

MTU Painted By Ralpha Plowman

Fire Team Charlie

More on the background of these Marines...

"The Marine Tactical Unit are the frontline soldiers of the Earth Exploration Fleet in the Shattered Void universe which we at White Dragon Miniatures are currently creating.

The Marines are the true boots on the ground, working with modern tech and trained in advance warfare for FIBUA (fighting in built up areas) and ship boarding actions. They operate in small teams of 6 men per section, and 18 men in a multiple. They are able to quickly improvise, adapt and overcome whatever the task issued."

I think that these miniatures are brilliant and I managed to see them in the flesh at Salute looking very nice indeed. If you're looking for Sci-Fi 15mm infantry you can't go too far wrong. To think, this isn't even their main project!

Walkers & Stompers

As well as the troops on the ground there are some additional options for the campaign also in 15mm scale. Not only do they have the Proteus Battle Mech but the Armadillo too which gives your soldiers some added support on the battlefield.

Proteus Battle Mech

The Proteus is used as the spearhead of the MTU attack. With their huge high powered weaponry they are the ones that advance ahead of the infantry to destroy any armour that might halt their progress.

Armadillo Support Bot

The Armadillo Support Bot hangs back with the infantry giving them a moving gun platform with added shielding. It also has a number of weapon options including a chaingun, grenade launcher and missile launcher. If in need the Armadillo also comes with supplies and a means of communicating across the battlefield.

If you're looking for a game to use these models with then maybe considering Gruntz 15mm or the Spec Ops variant from ClearHorizon Miniatures.

Will you be backing?

"Each of these sets has been exquisitely sculpted to be packed with detail and as you can see they paint up nicely too..."

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