White Dragon’s 15mm Sci-Fi MTU Range Now Complete!

October 13, 2015 by brennon

White Dragon Miniatures have finalised their 15mm Sci-Fi MTU range that was bought to life by the generosity of a lot of Kickstarter backers. You can see some shots of the complete models below all of which are in the middle of being shipped off to backers...

MTU Scale Comparison

The Kickstarter brought to life a series of fantastic sculpts. They were, at the time, only looking to make their Marine Tactical Unit and the Proteus Mech, which you can see above (far left and mid-right) but they soon went on to fund the Talos Exo Suit, Strix Recon Mech and finally the massive Fiddler Mech.

Talos Exo Suits & MTU

The actual troopers you see here are fantastic in the flesh and the amount of detail that they have is jam packed. I can't wait to actually be able to see the Talos Suits in more detail. This might well be the big push for me to leap right into the middle of 15mm Sci-Fi.

Suddenly getting bigger we have both the Proteus Mech here with a Gatling Gun and then the Fiddler Mech which has been scaled down to fit in with the range, armed to the teeth.

Gatling Proteus & Fiddler Mech

If you're looking for some interesting battlefield technology then also check out the X4-MBT which comes with a turret mounted cannon and then a machine gun on the top for providing covering fire.

Proteus Infantry & X4-MBT

The range is looking great and hopefully it will soon become available to the rest of the world looking to get stuck into Sci-Fi wargaming in 15mm scale. I can't wait to see what else these guys get sorted out for the future.

What do you think of the range?

"The range is looking great and hopefully it will soon become available to the rest of the world..."

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