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June 22, 2015 by brennon

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This Polish game popped up on my radar today and I was immediately intrigued. After a successful fundraising campaign the world of Afterglow was born and while it's still in Polish right now rules wise they have some great models and English rules on the way...

The World

Afterglow appears to be set within a post-apocalyptic world where there are plenty of Sci-Fi elements as well as Fantasy ones with races that look very familiar like 'Dwarves' and 'Elves'. Admittedly they are more or less only those races in look but it certainly grabbed my attention.

Afterglow Rules

"Afterglow - The Miniatures Game is a strategy battle game in which players, with the help of models issued by White Tree, are playing as skirmish groups and organised band, in a post-apocalyptic world. Players have the ability to become leaders of one of the six factions living in this devastated land and fight each other for control of territory and everything needed to survive in these dark times - food, water, weapons, ammunition or slaves."

It all sounds very cool indeed and if you want to head over to their website above you can try and decipher some more of the Polish to find out a bit more. If you are Polish the Rules Download is HERE.

The Factions

Of course you can't have a game without a set of models to play it with so here is a run down of the current Starter Sets from White Tree and a little bit of the background on each of them...


Delaria Starter Set

Delaria Starter Set (Models)

"Warbands of Delaria are characterized by good organization, iron discipline and decent equipment combined with fanatical frenzy. They are formed of trained soldiers and religious zealots, led by ruthless officers who are excellent tacticians and experienced warriors. Priests of the One God guard that fire in the hearts of their subordinates as it burns brightly and it can turn to ashes every infidel that will stand in their way."


Naiymvael Starter Set

Naiymvael Starter Set (Model #1)

Naiymvael Starter Set (Model #2)

"The term Naiym'vael means "living after death". This name was taken by elves who survived the Blast. Most of them are still experiencing mourning for lost loved ones and old life. Revenge became the target of their existence. They are masters of stealth, infiltration and sneaking. Their attacks are fast and unpredictable. After the fight Naiym'vael disappear like ghosts, without leaving any traces except the dead bodies of their opponents."


Constructs Starter Set

Constructs Starter Set (Model #1)

Constructs Starter Set (Model #2)

"Constructs are one of the most terrible threats lurking around those who survived the Blast. Their attacks don't leave many traces. Constructs take with them both dead and wounded to concoct a fate worse than death. Soulless cyborgs who don't have any feelings, themselves causing fear in the living. They are strong, unyielding and extremely effective in brutal combat."

Forge Towns

Forge Towns Starter Set

Forge Towns Starter Set (Model #1)

Forge Towns Starter Set (Model #2)

"Forge Town is an extraordinary sight. Behind high walls, surrounded by the sea of slums and huts, stand brick houses, workshops and great factories. From powerful chimneys clouds of thick black smoke float into the sky. Forge Towns warbands are mostly well equipped and armed dwarves. They are tough and stubborn warriors, led by experienced commanders and engineers using unique inventions."

I think the models are looking great and everything is very individual too. A lot of the character models are nicely detailed, especially the Naiym'vael and the Constructs, and it's nice to see some of the models painted too for the Delaria faction.

We'll be watching this one!

"A lot of the character models are nicely detailed, especially the Naiym'vael and the Constructs..."

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"Constructs are one of the most terrible threats lurking around those who survived the Blast"

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