White Tree’s Post Apocalyptic Game Afterglow Gets Butt Kicking Elves

May 19, 2015 by stvitusdancern

We all know there are many different games out there based in a post apocalyptic world, but I came across one that has something dear to my heart, Elves. We all know our own Ben (Brennon) is a lover of all things Dwarves, but lets be honest their is nothing cooler than butt kicking elves. In the game Afterglow from White Tree, a company out of Poland the have released a new faction called Naiym'vael.


White Tree describes this faction:

Term Naiym'vael means "living after death". This name was taken by elves who survived the Blast. Most of them are still experiencing mourn for lost loved ones and old life. Revenge became the target of their existence. They are masters of stealth, infiltration and sneak out. Their attacks are fast and unpredictable. After the fight Naiym'vael disappear like ghosts, without leaving any traces except dead bodies of their opponents.

Heir of the Elder Blood



Sounds pretty awesome to me, and the sculpts look pretty nice as well. You now have what I have affectionately call "ninja elves" that just tilted the cool meter. I am going to look more into this game to see how the game actually plays and yes, Ben they will have a Dwarf faction soon.

Would you want these guys on your side?

"You now have what I have affectionately call “ninja elves” that just tilted the cool meter"

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