Slow Death Games Go Wild In The Streets On Kickstarter

March 12, 2016 by brennon

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This Kickstarter was sent in by The Dice Bag Lady so a big thanks on bringing this to our attention. Small studio Slow Death Games have hit Kickstarter with their skirmish game all about culture groups clashing in the city called Wild In The Streets.

Wild In The Streets

"Finally, let’s talk about game play. Wild in the Streets is quick, innovative and nearly free of record keeping. Game play allows for two to four players per game. Setup rules simulate a fight that had already started (or just about to start) instead of people staring at each other across the board waiting for action.

Models activate when their card is pulled from a common deck, generating an unpredictable gang fight. You might have planned for your crust punks to ambush a lone death rocker but getting sucker punched by a group of skinheads threw a wrench into your plans.

There are also event cards that can modify game play by impacting the models in a positive or negative way."

This sounds rather awesome. You can check out the rules for this game over on their website HERE. But, you can't have a game without gangs and here are the four of them right now. Meet the Skinheads, Crusties, Goths and Murder Cult Girls...




Murder Cult Girls

The models are looking great and they have this quirky awesomeness to them which make for a stand-out game. It's always good to have unique looking miniatures and these certainly fill that criteria. The team are doing well right now and it's worth following up on them if you like the look of a modern skirmish game.

Go and check it out!

"Meet the Skinheads, Crusties, Goths and Murder Cult Girls..."

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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