3 Days Left For Wild West Exodus & An Exclusive Preview!

March 15, 2013 by brennon

The Wild West Exodus Kickstarter is coming to a close this week, as you can probably tell by our fancy background! But the end of the Kickstarter doesn't mean the end of wonderful miniatures and we have a closer look at some of them...

Stone Fist & Running Thunder

First up we have the amazing artwork for Stone Fist & Running Thunder. Now you might think that those are a pair of cannons strapped to a horse, and you'd be right. But unlike the black powder of the white man the Warrior Nation can harness the very power of the earth. So those cannons shoot balls of energy!

The horse itself, or Energy Beast is nothing to be scoffed at either. They might be flesh and bone but they are as sturdy as any tank.

Lucinda Loveless

Next up is the lovely Lucinda Loveless. This dame works for the Union Army as a secret agent. By day she resides in the bars listening for secrets and other morsels as she goes about her work. Then, she can whip out those pistols and start gunning down her enemies.

The Enlightened Monocav

As well as those two amazing pieces of artwork we also have a special preview of what's coming for Wave 2. Check out the Monocav Light Support Vehicle above that looks like an eerie mix of machine and man for The Enlightened. Creepy!

With only a few days left will you help them add even more funds to this promising game?

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