Wild West Exodus: BETA Edition & The Future Of WWX?

May 26, 2017 by dignity

After a magnificent demo game with the Union Vs the Enlightened, it's time we sat down with the guys from Warcradle studios to find out what's in store for Wild West Exodus.

Wild West Exodus: BETA Edition & The Future of WWX?

Click Here To Download The Wild West Exodus Rules.

As the game is now officially into its Beta rules, the guys are reaching out to everyone to get their own free downloads on the website to give it a thorough playtesting. If you've played a lot of games or even a few...we want you to rough and tough it out on the battlefield with the best outlaws in town.

Give the guys your best feedback and suggestions via their website and you could be part of the Wild West Exodus play test team!

Click Here To Check Out The Demo Game

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