Check Out The Updated Wild West Exodus Unfinished Business Pledges!

March 12, 2015 by brennon

Outlaw Miniatures have been powering on with their Wild West Exodus Kickstarter and they've got some pretty epic looking pledges for you to pick up on...

Bounty Hunter Pledge

Gambler Pledge

Ranch Hand Pledge

Green Horn Pledge

As well as the faction bundles and extra stretch goals there are plenty of bargains to be picked up. Not only are you getting bunches of extra models but you save around 50% on the retail which is pretty neat. I think the Green Horn set would be where I'd plump to pledge although Bounty Hunter is pretty good too!

Governor Pledge

Town Marshal Pledge

Rebel Pledge

If you fancy splurging a little more than usual then you could always go for that rather insane looking Governor Pledge which allows you to design your own miniature! Outlaw have loved working on this kind of thing in the past and a few big backers of the original project have already been immortalised.

If I was going to go for a character design then I'd have to go with something for the Outlaws so it would actually resemble me. Saying that it would be pretty awesome to try and get my Werewolf character from Apocalypse immortalised for the Warrior Nation and just throw the idea of it being me out of the window.

What's In A Faction Bundle

If you're a bit confused about what is exactly in one of these faction bundles then Outlaw Miniatures have sorted that out as well. With all these models being thrown around it can be hard to keep track of what you're getting. A pretty jam packed Kickstarter.

Ben Hamilton

Traitor Bennett

Beta I

Felipe Espinoza

As well as all the focus on the different pledges they have also bought out the character cards for different heroes that are coming to the factions that are new to Wild West Exodus. There's plenty to absorb here so get stuck in and let us know what you think of them. I'm sure Justin will be raving about more than one of these new characters.

Have you pledged yet?

"Not only are you getting bunches of extra models but you save around 50% on the retail which is pretty neat..."

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