Will Deputy Berenger Fall into Wild West Exodus’ Traps?

May 2, 2014 by dracs

When fighting lawlessness in Wild West Exodus you need to be carrying a big gun, such as the one being carried by the new Lawman Deputy Berenger.

Lawman Deputy Berenger

Sporting some mechanical limbs and a grenade launcher, Deputy Berenger is a no nonsense sidekick who looks ready to take justice out to the lawless.

Wild West Exodus is definitely a dangerous place, even more so if you start littering around these Mercenary Booby Traps!

Mercenary Booby Traps

The inclusion of these booby traps will help add all new challenges to the game. There are familiar ones, like TNT and bear traps, but also more modern additions, such as pressure plates wired up to RJ canisters, these booby traps could prove as deadly as Wild West Exodus' occupants.

Which faction of Wild West Exodus do you side with?

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