More Exclusive Wild West Exodus Model Previews!

August 14, 2013 by brennon

Yesterday we showed off some fantastically painted miniatures from Wild West Exodus and an exclusive too. Well, we have another set of exclusives for you here with the previews of Johnny Ringo and Lucinda Loveless...

Ringo (Front)

Ringo (Rear)

"No Outlaw posse would be complete without Johnny Ringo at it's side.  He is as dirty as he is sneaky and he makes for one of the fastest duelists in the West.  His personal hatred for Doc Holliday has pushed him to make some risky decisions in his past but somehow he comes out alive every time.  Locked and loaded with two Plasma Six Shooters Ringo never backs down from a fight."

Lucinda Loveless (Front)

Lucinda Loveless (Rear)

"Agent Loveless works on some of the most guarded missions of the Union army.  Directed by Abe Lincoln himself she quietly infiltrates the enemy hideouts as a working girls, bar maid, or any other unassuming personality.  She secretly gathers intel for the Union Army and has been known to accidentally take matters into her own hands from time to time.  She is fearless and trained better than most men of her time.  She is as deadly from a distance as she is with her legs wrapped around the enemies necks."

It looks like we're in for a real treat when it comes to Wild West Exodus and the models continue to look better and better as they get released. I might have to bite the bullet and grab myself something from the Warrior Nation just so I don't miss out!

Look out for more from Gen Con!

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