Three New Faces Appear on Wild West Exodus Wanted Posters

March 20, 2014 by dracs

Wild West Exodus has just received three new additions, who pretty much embody the good, the bad, and the incredibly ugly.

Sergeant Bernard Hopkins

Thomas Tate Tobin

John Younger

Each of these three great Sidekicks are currently up for pre-order from the Wild West Exodus store. Of them, the Enlightened Sidekick John Younger has to be my favourite. A true Frankenstein creation, I love the miss-matched arms and the addition of extra gun hands.

This isn't all you fans of the frontier have to look forward to as the new underboss for the Holy Order of Man has just been previewed.

Altcap Oron

This looks like an interesting model, made more so by the flamboyantly ornate armour. However, he does suffer from my pet peeve; massive shoulder pads!

Which of these are you most inclined to bring into your gang?

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