Make Sure the Heroes of Wild West Exodus Have a Solid Base

April 10, 2014 by dracs

Wild West Exodus have released a new selection of small character base inserts to help give your models that perfect cinematic style and make sure they're on a firm footing.

Wild West Exodus Base Inserts

Wild West Exodus Base Inserts Top View

These base inserts are simple, but effective, capturing the character of Wild West Exodus with the littering of RJ canisters and guns, without sacrificing a level surface on which to base the model.

While these are intended for Wild West Exodus models, I could easily imagine them turning up in other similar setting, such as Malifaux. True, the RJ tech shown in the detail is very characteristic of Wild West Exodus, but I think that with the right paint job these bases could be a good addition to many other miniatures.

Are your cowboys going to stand their ground on these?

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