Wild West Exodus Hires A Marshal With Bass Reeves

January 24, 2017 by brennon

Warcradle added another new character to the Wild West Exodus store. This time around they're tipping their hat to Marshal Bass Reeves of the Lawmen.

Bass Reeves #1

"Working near Enlightened Territory, Bass Reeves earned a reputation for both fairness and determination. This reputation and his skills at the fast draw settled many of the disputes he dealt with during his long career. Despite this, he still managed to arrest over three thousand outlaws and cutthroats!

Recent events have led Bass Reeves to take a posse of Lawmen further afield, righting wrongs and bringing true justice to those that need it in these dark times."

He sounds like the kind of man you'd want to have on your side. While I like the sculpt as it shows off his character nicely it would have been good to see him with gun drawn, shooting at an outlaw or two.

Bass Reeves #2

As a Boss he will be leading your other Lawmen into the fighting, one would hope from the forefront. One thing for sure is that you need to give special attention to that marvellous mustache.

Upcoming Cards

As an aside the Warcradle folks also showed off what the BIG stack of cards will look like when they become available later this year.

The Last Round Up Card Pack

This First Edition Card Pack, also known as The Last Round Up will be available towards the end of February.

Will you be picking up these new characters?

"...it would have been good to see him with gun drawn, shooting at an outlaw or two"

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