The Holy Order Boxed Set Descends On Wild West Exodus

July 17, 2014 by brennon

Keeping with the theme of religious fanaticism Wild West Exodus have put The Holy Order Starter Set up on their webstore for pre-order! You can order it now and it will head out for release at the beginning of August...

Holy Order Starter Box

The Holy Order set contains a few miniatures we've been getting previews of over the past few weeks and months. Not only will you get the leader in Sircan Abner but also Mimreg Zain and the followers, the Spica.

Sircan Abner

Mimreg Zain


It's a very cool boxed set and while the leader and his sidekick are decidedly religious in feeling the actual motley crew alongside them keep the western feeling going. It's quite a neat looking comparison and I could imagine most of those hired hands not actually caring that much about religion and just following Sircan into the fight for the love of gold.

Have you been waiting for the Holy Order?

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