More Info On The World of Wild West Exodus Emerges!

December 10, 2012 by brennon

If you were interested by the world of Wild West Exodus we previewed a while back then how about we take you for another sneak peek at some of the interesting developments?


Dr Carpathian

Chief Sitting Bull

Above are some more of the sculpts that will be coming in February next year. Of the ones above the awesome Chief Sitting Bull is my favourite. A proper werewolf American Indian is pretty awesome and reminds me of the tribes from Werewolf: The Apocalypse. The Mechanic also shows off this worlds Sci-Fi edge with his rather interesting metal additions.

Wild West Exodus Comic

Wild West Exodus is also going to have a bi-monthly comic which will tell the story of Wild West Exodus while you play on the tabletop. New missions will be based on the stories within the comics so you can relive them with your own twist. You can pre-order a One Year Subscription now if you like.

Jesse James (Painted)

We even have a painted image of Jesse James above with his mechanically armoured arms. The miniatures are actually looking pretty cool and I'm interested to see how it will all look when a whole gang hits the table.

Are you interested in Wild West Exodus?

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