Legendary Abe For Wild West Exodus Coming To Gen Con

August 6, 2014 by brennon

Wild West Exodus have just shown off a preview of Legendary Abe who will be available at Gen Con this year. There will only be thirty five of these on offer so you better be quick once you get there!

Legendary Abe Miniature

Legendary Abe (Size Comparison)

As you can see above he is quite the massive miniature and could probably lay low a bear with that hefty axe of his. A nice dynamic miniature with plenty of detail. He even has some rules so you could actually use him in your games of Wild West Exodus.

Legendary Abe

So if you like the idea of leading the Union Army into battle with the Legendary Abe you can! It will be ace to see what folks do with the miniature when it comes to painting!

Will you try and barge your way into Gen Con to get this?

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