Legendary Heroes Sort Out Unfinished Business For Wild West Exodus

February 14, 2015 by brennon

Outlaw Miniatures have shared some more miniatures and upcoming concept art for their Kickstarter that's blowing up in March for Wild West Exodus. See what you think of the Legendary Wyatt Earp and some of the first casts for the game...

Legendary Wyatt Earp

The first is, as promised, the Legendary Wyatt Earp with a pair of very awesome looking mechanical/steampunk hounds. I love the more Sci-Fi look of the main Wyatt Earp model and the headgear is very cool indeed. The two CCLE-Bots that come with him (the hounds) will be maxing out the way the Lawmen fight.

Kickstarter Sculpts

As well as the Legendary figure they have also shown off some of the finished sculpts for the Voodoo Queen's Zombie Snake which is taking centre stage there alongside some other awesome looking characters. The snake, when you compare it to the other miniatures for scale, is pretty huge!

Do you like the Legendary figures from Wild West Exodus?

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