Man’s Best Friend Goes Robotic For Wild West Exodus

August 31, 2014 by dracs

In the strange world of Wild West Exodus, the powerful technology of RJ has been turned upon man's best friend, creating a pair of terrifying robo-pooches to hunt down your enemies across the American frontier.


Powered by the malignant powers of RJ-1027, these CCLE-K9 bots are pretty far removed from the cute fluffy pets we've domesticated over a few thousand years.

The designs of the minis are pretty cool, being recognisably dog-like, yet with the familiar somewhat gothic steampunk style that characterises Wild West Exodus. While the pose of the more dog-like of the two does give the impression that its front legs could snap off if it leaned forwards slightly, they are still a menacing pair of K9s, who will provide some useful fast melee attack to tie up the enemy until you can bring in your big guns.

Are you interested in picking up one of these little doggies in the window?

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