Micro Art Studio Provide The Setting For Your Wild West Exodus

January 30, 2013 by brennon

Wild West Exodus is certainly garnering a lot of attention and if you're going to be fighting in an alternative Wild West you'll need some buildings to make it look authentic. That's where Micro Art Studio step in...

Micro Art Studio - Wild West Exodus Terrain

As you can see it's done in MDF which is certainly a growing trend nowadays. I haven't had the pleasure of working with it but it looks to be more versatile than plastic. They do have an awesome look to them and would take minimal effort to paint up and get playing with.

Perhaps you could use these pieces to start recreating the epic studio set below... of course you will need to add a big heap of Modeling FU to achieve these:

Rob Hawkins Wild West Exodus Demo Board

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The terrain you see above isn't by Micro Art Studio but the creation of the talent Rob Hawkins and it certainly shows you the setting for this new game in a good light. I like this mix of the Wild West and Sci-Fi which reminds me of the film Priest for some reason!

According to the folks at Wild West Exodus however this terrain is looking to be emulated by Micro Art Studios in the near future and you should be seeing it in the near future on a tabletop near you.

You folks have seen a lot about Wild West Exodus over the past few weeks and months so it would be interesting to see what you think about it.

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