Many Miniatures For March In Wild West Exodus!

February 14, 2014 by brennon

March is not too far off and that means a host of new miniatures for Wild West Exodus. Check out Pat Garrett, Vlad Ursul and the Warrior Nation Fire Eagle...

Lawmen Boss Pat Garrett #1

Lawmen Boss Pat Garrett #2

Enlightened Underboss Vlad Ursul #1

Enlightened Underboss Vlad Ursul #2

Some very cool characters for both the Lawmen and the Enlightened. They have managed to get a very nice amount of detail out of these models and I think being in that bigger scale obviously helps with that.

Of the two I think my favourite would be Vlad since he looks the more grizzled and down and dirty. He also has some ace armour on his arms and the beard of course helps. Saying that you can't pass up the magnificent mustache of Garrett!

Warrior Nation Fire Eagle #1

Warrior Nation Fire Eagle #2

The Warrior Nation are certainly not to be outdone though either. They have managed to wrangle themselves a rather epic Fire Eagle which, as you might imagine, breaths fire. Once again we have buckets of detail and I love that even the base that's making up the miniature has had some care and attention.

Until those religious zealots come out I'll be standing in the Warrior Nation camp. Can't pass up some Werebears after all.

Lawmen Hired Hands Rangers #1

Lawmen Hired Hands Rangers #2

Lawmen Hired Hands Rangers #3

As if that wasn't enough they also have the Lawmen Hired Hands Rangers up for grabs. These rather cybernetically enhanced lawmen most likely mean business and when they ask you to put down your gun and come with them, I wouldn't hesitate. Essentially they are the Robocops of the Wild West Exodus world.

Some really fun models for March!

Which will you pick up?

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