Warcradle Tease Upcoming Renders From Wild West Exodus

August 26, 2017 by thisisazrael

Warcradle Studios shared some previews of upcoming Wild West Exodus miniatures at Gen Con 50 and now they're out for all to see.

Warcradle Studios Wild West Exodus Deadly Seven

First up we have the "Deadly Seven" plastic posse set made up of; Earle Shepherd, Adam Knox, Black Blood, Faraday, Kodiak, Razors Li and Vanez.

Warcradle Studios Wild West Exodus Viridian Clade Posse

The Viridian Clade Posse will let you build the Viridian Alpha, Chigoe Beta and Locust Beta as well as three Locust or Chigoe.

Warcradle Studios Wild West Exodus Viridian Chigoe Locust set

In the Viridian set you have the choice of building the Chigoe who are equipped with flight packs or the Locust who instead wield heavy weapons.

Warcradle Studios Wild West Exodus Cor Caroli

We then have a customisable set which allows you to build five Cor Caroli Nyx or Luminant.

I truly enjoyed my time playing Wild West Exodus and these minis look like they'll do a great job of realising the lore on the tabletop.

What do you think of these previews?

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