Help Pick The Next Miniature For Wild West Exodus!

August 26, 2014 by brennon

Outlaw Miniatures run this very cool campaign to help create a Community Model for Wild West Exodus and once again the form is up for you to have your say!

Community Model

In the past the community have helped make both Deputy Beringer and The Boxer to life but it could be anything this time around! Get voting for something from the Warrior Nation I say!

Deputy Beringer

The Boxer

The form is very extensive and you can choose a lot of different options. With so much to choose from it's surprising that they can even land on a distinct answer but I'm sure it all works out very well. I think it's great that a company is doing something like this to engage with the community and as you can see it has already produced some cool looking sculpts.

What will you vote for?

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