Rebellious Scouts & Deadly Watchers For Wild West Exodus

April 5, 2013 by brennon

The Wild West Exodus Kickstarter might be over but it doesn't stop more miniatures being on the horizon. Check out the concept art for the Rebellion Scout and some deadly Watchers below...

Confederate Rebellion - Rebel Scout

Watchers - Destroyers

Both sets of artwork look pretty awesome, especially that Rebel Scout. I like the historical touch in his clothing combined with the rough and ready look of a Sci-Fi rebel. I hope the other head to the side points to there being an alternate version of him too.

On the subject of the strange Watchers below him, it looks like Wild West Exodus has gone Cowboys Vs Aliens! They are fairly epic though and I like that one of them has drawn on the iconic image of the scorpion from Wild West films.

The future is looking very deadly in Wild West Exodus!

If you'd like to try out the Beta Rules then you can grab them HERE.

What do you think to these concept pieces?

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