The Robocop of Wild West Exodus Prepares for Battle

April 16, 2014 by dracs

Wild West Exodus are preparing to bring out a new version of the cyborg lawman Morgan Earp, this time all geared up in his mighty battle armour.

Morgan Earp

Morgan Earp Back

Morgan Earp Comparison

We have previously seen Morgan Earp (pictured above alongside the new sculpt), but his new Battle Armoured form sees him bringing the power of Gatling guns on the enemies of the law.

Now I first came across Morgan Earp in the novel I reviewed. However, in that story he was far more inhuman and disturbing in appearance. I much prefer that description over this miniature, where it looks more like he is simply wearing armour, rather than being kept alive by cyborg components.

Will Morgan bring the power of the law to your gaming table?

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