Keep Track of Your Status In Wild West Exodus

July 3, 2014 by dracs

Wild West Exodus have a new set of tokens to help you keep track of the various status effects going on in your games of this strange wild west world.

Status Tokens

In this token set you will find:

3x Forward Echelon Arrows
3x Poison Flasks
3x Broken Bs
3x Stun Lightning Bolts
3x Bell-Ringer Bells

These tokens keep track of very specific elements of the game and will be a useful addition to Wild West Exodus.

Tokens are one of those things that quite often don't seem vital to a game, but ultimately can prove very useful, as well as being a bit more pleasing to look at than a scrap of paper placed beside the mini.

Are you going to pick up these tokens for your games of Wild West Exodus?

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