Tribal Warriors & Enlightened Creations For Wild West Exodus

June 17, 2014 by brennon

Not to be left out in the face of all this nonsense about the Union building a railroad the Warrior Nation and the Enlightened have two new miniatures for the tabletop in Wild West Exodus. See what you think of J.P Smith & Creation #5 and the more natural Legendary Sitting Bull...

J.P. Smith with Creation #5

Legendary Sitting Bull

J.P Smith and his rather crazy creation is certainly an awesome duo for the tabletop and I love the look of the creation more so than the inventor. It's neat seeing the different bits and pieces he's used to make him and the almost SAW like trap he's put around the things neck as a fail safe most likely.

Defending Mother Earth we have Sitting Bull in his legendary form and rather interestingly he isn't actually a big bull. I know werewolves are a big thing and the actual miniature is very cool but it would have been rather awesome to see them try and make a were-bull of some kind so it looked like a Native American minotaur. I think that's an opportunity missed.

Both of these are now up for pre-order so go check them out!

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