The Viridian Clade Strike For The Watchers Of Wild West Exodus

February 23, 2018 by brennon

The Viridian Clade has arrived as a new Posse Set and Starter Set for those looking to pick up The Watchers for Wild West Exodus.

Viridian Alpha - Wild West Exodus

Pre-Orders for the two sets are available over on the webstore links above. Take a closer look at these awesome takes on these alien creatures below...

Viridian Alpha Models #1 - Wild West Exodus

Here's also a bit about the background for this force on the tabletop and how they're used by The Watchers:

"The Viridian play an important role in the Watchers. Deployed as airborne Chigoe assault units or as fire support Locust teams, the Viridian excel at targeted strikes. The Viridian Betas provide excellent unit command, giving the Chigoe and Locust units the benefit of their leadership and experience. Ultimate authority resides with the Viridian Alpha who commands all the warriors of his Clade and focuses their actions so that victory belongs to the Watchers.

Viridian Alpha Models #2 - Wild West Exodus

The wise Viridian Alpha deploys with the Chigoe and Locust in battle as the powerful Viridian Clade to strike at the enemies of the Watchers. This boxed set includes six fantastic plastic and resin miniatures, a rulebook, tokens, templates, dice and the Action and Adventure card decks"

Make sure to delve into this set and check out these creatures which, to me at least, have a little bit of the XCOM and Halo about them. I really like the shoulder-mounted cannons and the sword designs for these creatures.

What do you think of this set?

"Take a closer look at these awesome takes on these alien creatures below..."

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