The Alpha Commands Attention for Wild West Exodus

December 28, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

What could be more terrifying than Aliens in the steampunk universe?

WWX Watchers boss

Outlaw Miniatures continues to deliver amazing minis. The Watchers Alpha, the new boss for the alien race coming to the Wild West Exodus world, will have no trouble getting your attention. Aside from their faces, their structure doesn't look much different than our own, and they will have the ability to behave just like us too. Very willing to destroy anything that gets in their way, the Watchers will also absorb their prey's life force- and all abilities that go along with it! They get smarter and stronger with each victory! What happens when your secrets and tech are no longer your own and no longer an advantage?

WWX Watchers boss back

Will you be playing the game as the Watchers or taking your chances in an attempt to survive their attack?

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