The Watchers Bring Their Heavy Support to Wild West Exodus

December 17, 2014 by dracs

Another concept for the alien Watchers of Wild West Exodus has appeared, but this time it's something a little bit bigger. Check out The Watchers' Heavy Support.

Watchers Heavy Support

This chitinous creature is a truly terrifying prospect to face in Wild West Exodus, and promises to tower over other miniatures and even buildings in the game. Can you picture this monster scuttling after Jesse James down the centre street of a frontier town?

The alien creatures of The Watchers bring a brilliant aspect of pulpy scifi space opera to Wild West Exodus, standing out among the cowboys and Indians of the world. This Heavy Support looks like a particularly cool creation and I am really looking forward to seeing the model itself.

Do you like The Watchers? What do you think of their Heavy Support?

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