The Watchers Bring Their Hover Cannons to Wild West Exodus

October 30, 2015 by dracs

The technologically advanced alien Watchers of Wild West Exodus are getting a new toy to play with in the form of this Hover Cannon.

Hover Canon

The Hover Cannon is the Watcher's new light support gun turret, just the thing when your conventional weapons can't blast through all that steampunk steel plating and you need something with a little more power behind it.

Hover Canon Back

The Hover Gun shows off the smooth and complicated tech that The Watchers have brought with them to Wild West Exodus. As one person on the original forum post pointed out, it looks like something out of XCOM and anything that reminds me of that game is OK in my book.

Do you like The Watcher's latest weapon? What do you want to see in Wild West Exodus?

"It looks like something out of XCOM..."

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