Wild West Exodus Is Heading To Gen Con!

August 13, 2013 by brennon

Wild West Exodus is heading to Gen Con 2013 and it's bringing with it some fancy miniatures too. Below we have just two of many that will be appearing across the website throughout the week and we even have a little exclusive too!

Kyle The Black

The first of these two miniatures is Kyle the Black. He is the main surgeon for Dr Carpathian and while it is always on hand to work on the bodies of the dead and dying he can cause a little bit of damage to the living too. I wouldn't  want to face off against those deadly armatures.

US Marshal McClain

Next up is US Marshal McClain who employs some more unorthodox tactics when taking on the lawless factions of the Wild West. He will fight for both the Lawmen and the Outlaws and keeps his true identity a secret so he can continue his work. Bad guy or good guy, you decide.

Both of these miniatures are going to be at Gen Con in limited supply and on the webstore at booth 633. Make sure to stop by and grab one if you like the style!

Blackjack (Front)

Blackjack (Rear)

I also mentioned that we had an exclusive and here it is. Above you can see the Blackjack Outlaw Light Support choice. This deadly three wheeler has four machine guns mounted onto the prow and looks like the perfect interceptor vehicle for hunting down loot!

This is just the start and watch out for more as Gen Con closes in!

What do you think so far?

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