Wild West Exodus Challenge You to a Boxing Match

September 17, 2014 by dracs

Wild West Exodus have announced a couple of new minis getting released in October are now up for pre-order, including a mustachioed steam punk pugilist challenging the enemy to put 'em up.

The Boxer

The Boxer will be a new sidekick for the Outlaws and I have to say I absolutely love the idea of someone going to battle with technologically empowered fists flying.

As well as this new addition to the Outlaws, the Enlightened are having two new additions take wing.

F. R. Caym (Boss)


The first of these, F. R. Caym, is a new boss for the faction, and he is accompanied by his winged contraption, the Hellion, a new sidekick for the Enlightened.

Finally, we come to the new boss for the Union, none other than Abe Lincoln, the Great Emancipator himself.

Legendary Abe Lincoln

This is the new legendary version of Lincoln and features a particularly cool stance, caught in mid combat with his mighty axe and coat flowing about him dramatically. While there is a good level of detail to the model, I would say there seems to be a few incongruities with his scale, as his head seems a bit smaller in comparison to the rest of him.

Which of these new pre-orders will you bring to your battles of Wild West Exodus?

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