Wild West Exodus Continues The Exclusive Sneak Peeks

August 15, 2013 by brennon

Wild West Exodus is continuing to show off more from their upcoming miniatures range and as well as some Pinkertons we also have another exclusive sneak peek for the Enlightene​d Boss Eiffel.

Agent Pinkerton #1

Agent Pinkerton #2

First up we have said Pinkertons with their rather fashionable attire and awesome looking weaponry. These fellows work for the Union army and form a potent combination on the battlefield.

Enlightene​d Boss Eiffel #1

Enlightene​d Boss Eiffel #2

And for the exclusive today we have...

"Gustave Eiffel was known for his amazing metal creations, but with Dr. Carpathian calling he could not turn the offer down.  Eiffel has taken his knowledge of metal work and structural engineering to help Dr. Burson Carpathian take control of the old west.  His six legged spider bot is just one of the many creepy and deadly creations that Eiffel will bring to the Enlightened.  Carpathian, Edison, and Eiffel stand to be a serious force to overcome in this new and deadly land."

Some great looking additions to the range and worth a second look, especially if you're at Gen Con this year! See what you can find out from the folks over there and get shootin' and tootin'!

What do you think of the range?

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