Wild West Exodus Hits Kickstarter Like A Bucking Bronco!

February 4, 2013 by brennon

The Wild West Exodus Kickstarter has done exceptionally well in only two days! Over the weekend it has burst through its target and it's now unlocking a fair amount of its stretch goals. Check out some more of the cool miniatures that are coming for this game below...

Dark Council Member & Spirit Totem

First up is this awesome piece of concept art showing off a Dark Council Member and a Great Spirit Totem. While there isn't a lot to the Council Member action wise it certainly has a dark and foreboding look to it.

Light Support - Iron Horses

When the Kickstarter hits $60,000 it will also unlock these Light Support Choices, the Iron Horses, for the game. Why use a beast of burden when you can saddle up on one of these and blast your way across the plains hunting down bandits!

Go and check out some of the pledge levels for this game and consider donating. If you need an extra push then how about the news that Alessio Cavatore is writing the rules!

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