Wild West Exodus’ Kickstarter Goes From Strength To Strength

February 18, 2013 by brennon

The Wild West Exodus Kickstarter is one that has us rather excited and we're looking forward to how it all looks in the end. However, there is still just under a month left of the fundraiser so let's check out some of the amazing artwork and renders for future models...

Heavy Weapon Wave 1

Heavy Weapon Wave 2

Boss Models Alternative Poses

First up we have a look at some renders for the heavy weapons and alternative boss poses. I have to say that the Warrior Nation might just have to be my army of choice simply because of this strange yet effective mix of the futuristic and the native. And they have Werewolves...



Next are some looks at the big transport choices in the game so far. These are some fairly monstrous pieces and I can imagine it taking quite a while to get this kit together, let alone paint it. The bases alone for these are huge!

Billy The Kid


And last but certainly not least is this look at some big personalities that can make a name for themselves in your warband. I think now you can see why I like the Warrior Nation.

I really am a big werewolf/were-anything fan and seeing the way these concept art pieces look I might have to pick him up even if it's just to paint up.

Justin is certainly liking the way this Kickstarter is going...

"It’s one of those days here at BoW HQ that makes me glad to work here! The guys over at Wild West Exodus have sent in a copy of the first of their comic books and one of their Animated Brutes!

I’ve taken a little time to read the comic and look at the mini and I’m liking what I see. The comic is giving us our first real look at this world and from the way things are going it looks to be the beginnings of a titanic war with shadowy dealings between the religions of the world, while the Union chase across America toward their prey. The Natives of the land are also active, following the commands of their great spirit.

Wild West Exodus' Kickstarter Goes From Strength To Strength

Will you save the world or watch it burn?"

Have you pledged to this particular fundraiser?

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