Wild West Exodus Offers a Peek at the WIP for the Watcher’s Skinnies

January 21, 2015 by stvitusdancern

These aliens may be thin, but what they lack in weight, they more than make up for with the tech they bring into the battle! Wild West Exodus continues to bring out characters we will see in their upcoming Kickstarter, and this week is no exception.

WWX Watchers Skinnies WIP

This week they are showing us the WIP for the Watchers Skinnies. These aliens bring support by way of a backpack- and not just any backpack. This is a weapons system backpack that releases 2 arm-like extensions with their own guns! Why go into battle with 2 arms when technology provides 4?!

What do you think of these "handy" Skinnies?

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