Wild West Exodus’ Secret Backers Make Awesome Miniatures

June 25, 2013 by brennon

Wild West Exodus had an awesome Kickstarter campaign and with it came the chance to make models of your own alongside the design team. This is what three of them dreamed up. Which of this deadly trio is your favourite?

Marcus Killingsworth, Sasha Tanner, The Wraith

Above you can see the concept art for Marcus Killingsworth (Secret Backer Miniature), Sasha Tanner (The Assassin) and The Wraith (The Bounty Hunter). Overall the design for this game has always looked great and these are in keeping with the style of the game.

I think of the three we've got above Killingsworth or Tanner would be my favourite, with the hammer wielding maniac taking it by a whisker. I'd be fun to see more from the Warrior Nation in the future too. Were-creatures really are a hit with me.

What do you make of these three special miniatures?

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