Chainsaws, Tentacles & Chaotic Powers From Willy-Miniatures

June 20, 2013 by brennon

Willy-Miniatures are pulling together their Chaos Team and below you can see two of their star players. Check out the Chainsaw player and Tentacle-Man...

Chaos Star Player With Chainsaw

Tentacle Man

As you can see they are amazingly well detailed players and the paint scheme ain't too bad either! I love all the scars and brutality on the Chainsaw player and it just happens to be one of my favourite weapons on a Goblin team!

Tentacle Man is also a fantastic addition to the line up with the perfect mutation for his position on the team.

Willy-Miniatures do some great players and you could have a great time putting together a neat Blood Bowl squad.

What do you think?

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