Field A New Ratmen Fantasy Team From Willy Miniatures

December 14, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

If  Skaven is your thing, then you definitely want to have a look at the latest Kickstarter from Willy Miniatures.

Ratmen logo

The Fantasy Football Ratmen Team look absolutely fantastic and will easily make an meddlesome team for your collection.  These are 28mm, metal minis and one of their most popular teams. This project is to bring out a whole team of fifteen unique models to add to your collection or bring a whole team to life.


They're totally funded and on their way with stretch goals, not to mention that they offer great deals to backers on discounts from their website as well.


I especially like the rats in the black masks and capes!


A perfect team for someone getting back into Blood Bowl right now.

Will you be fielding your own fantasy football Ratmen?

"I especially like the rats in the black masks and capes!"

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