Goblins Follow Amazons Out of Willy Miniatures

December 29, 2014 by dracs

Willy Miniatures were recently successful in funding a full team of Amazon players for fantasy football and have now released that team onto the pitch.

Amazon Team

This team is a great addition to their line up, but their not the only new players to be appearing for Willy. Check out the upcoming Goblin Team currently seeking funding on IndieGoGo.

Goblin Players

Troll Players

Goblin Secret Weapons

These goblins are a brilliantly cartoony collection of manic greenskins, featuring everything from Trolls to Chainsaws, all of which will be a welcome sight to players of Blood Bowl. The Trolls in particular are reminiscent of Games Workshop's older designs and I particularly like the look of their IndieGoGo exclusive Hungry Troll.

Hungry Troll

This IndieGoGo has already managed to reach its funding goal, which means we will soon be overrun by Willy Miniatures Goblin players.

Do you prefer their Amazons, or are you a fan of the gobbos?

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